GRANARY PRESS  publishes a range of poetry collections, stories for children, short stories and the very popular DVD, A FARMER’S BOY and AN ACRE A DAY.

The poetry collections are the work of Bridget Fraser and the Free Range Poets of Barn Galleries.

Bridget Fraser also writes short stories and children’s stories. The children’s stories are illustrated by artist, Lucy Ryan MA.

A FARMER’S BOY is a collection of memories of life on the land from pre-war years, featuring nine farming men from Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, men who have helped to shape our landscapes. They tell their own stories in their own words and this unique DVD is beautifully illustrated with vintage farming photographs. Read More

AN ACRE A DAY DVD records stories and anecdotes of 13 Herefordshire country people. 'They tell tales from before the War, before mechanisation when life was so very different.' The title, AN ACRE A DAY, recalls that one man with one horse would plough one acre in one day.  Read More  ...



A Farmer's Boy DVD ~ An Acre A Day DVD ~ Treading On Eggshells ~ Against The Grain ~ And The Grass Still Grows ~ Little But Lucky and Frazzle The Frizzle.